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Classic Victoria Sponge

Moist Madagascan Vanilla Bean cake filled with layers of Vanilla buttercream and raspberry or strawberry preserves.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

3 layers of chocolate goodness: a moist chocolate sponge made with organic chocolate and filled with rich chocolate ganache and chocolate Italian meringue buttercream.

Bestest Carrot Cake EVER.

A deliciously moist carrot cake, sprinkled with flaked hazelnuts, cinnamon and ginger and layered with Madagascan vanilla buttercream.

Red Velvet

A bright red sponge made with sour cream, a touch of chocolate and vanilla. Contrasted with layers of vanilla buttercream, its made to an authentic southern American recipe and proves a real talking point among guests.

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Less drizzle, more drenched. This cake is fabulously moist, with the Sicilian lemons cutting through the tangy buttercream to make it feel delightfully light as well as decadent.


The sponge is made with a heady mix of banana, rum and muscovado sugar. Its then cut through with a caramel and vanilla buttercream. Additional flavours include chocolate and/or peanut butter.


The three best things in life, chocolate, coffee and cake: Espresso infused butter cake with a rich butter cream Kahlua filling, and chocolate ganache.

Fruit Cake

Mysteriously dark, with notes of butterscotch and treacle. Exotic yet familiar scents of all spice, cinnamon and nutmeg. The jewel like fruits are steeped in brandy and left to mature for months - giving this cake a real kick!

Cookies And Cream

Moist French Vanilla Bean cake filled with layers of vanilla buttercream, chocolate cookie crumble and chocolate ganache.

Pink Champagne And Strawberries

Pink champagne cake filled with alternating layers of champagne buttercream and strawberry buttercream. 

Something different?

If you have anything in particular in mind, say a seasonal flavour or a zebra striped sponge, then in most cases we can accommodate this. Please ask us for a personalised quote.


All our cakes are made to order using the finest organic ingredients and we only use free range eggs. To seal in the flavour and give the cakes a flawless finish we coat them in a chocolate ganache under a thin layer of fondant icing. Depending on the flavour of sponge it will be either milk or white chocolate or if its a fruit cake, a rich marzipan.

Remember, Its your cake though so if you want to mix and match elements depending on your personal preference you're more then welcome. Or if you’re getting more then one tier perhaps you‘d like a different flavour for each one?